No – the conductor has various methods of teaching people to sing.

As we sing in 2, 3 and 4-part harmony, the Musical Director may ask where you feel comfortable to sing.

Between 18 – 25.

Certainly not! We welcome all ages.

You probably don’t, unless you have sung in a Choir before. So just come along and see if your voice is anything like the person you are sitting next to. You can change at any time.

No. During any year we have between 6 - 8 men – but we could do with quite a few more! Most of our men actually have their partners in the Sopranos and Altos sections.

When the Choir was formed, the repertoire was mostly classical, however, during the last few years we have embraced a very eclectic variety of music – including pop, musical theatre, folk (Welsh and English), rock - whilst also still singing some of the beautiful “oldies.”

All over the place! We rehearse and will hold concerts in St John’s Methodist Church, Barry Island which has very easy access, is level inside and has a small car park. In the past, we have performed in a large variety of places, including large and tiny churches, chapels, care home communal rooms, coffee shops, pubs, library, barns, hospital and in the open air. Perhaps you know a group or society that would like us to sing for them?

Yes – On the first Wednesday of every month we have a Coffee Evening and Raffle as well as the rehearsal. Our concerts always include a Raffle and refreshments – a good time to get together with the choir, friends and family (we don’t charge admission for children under 16). Before the pandemic the Choir held 2 concerts a year, held Quiz Nights and summer and winter dinners with spouses, partners, friends invited. We intend to re-start our social events and we are already having refreshments and a raffle on the first Wednesday of the month.” We have a Facebook page which we encourage members to share and we are always open to suggestions and ideas for new/different ways to socialise.

Current fees are £180 a year which can be paid in one lump sum, termly (3 x £60), monthly by Direct Debit, or by an arrangement with the Treasurer. We give discounts to Students and Emergency/Care/NHS workers as well as a reduction for two people from the same household. Fees are decided at the AGM, usually held during January/February. We treat the first two sessions as “tasters” with no obligation to join, however after the second taster we would ask for a commitment.

Sheila can be contacted on 07932 523 415, email send us a message via our contact form on our Contact Us page or message us on Facebook.